We value that a community should help shape THEIR skatepark.

Not only do we enjoy visiting communities and meeting with locals, we know the importance of having as much of the community involved in the development of their space and in turn ownership during this initial stage. This inclusion is not only for the active users but extends to the wider community to ensure all can contribute towards the new space.

Initial meetings can be delivered in a variety of formats from intimate workshops with a key working group to large community presentations. For all, project questionnaires (print and web) are delivered to ensure we can collate and document the community’s wants and ideas. These are specific to each project to ensure they represent the individual objectives and proposed budget of the project. The results of these meetings can be presented back to the client in a project design document to ensure a clear understanding of the projects direction.

Initial meetings also allow the opportunity to meet with the project team and/or present to management, ensuring everyone is clear and approval is obtained on the projects requirements. In addition it offers the chance to analysis the site, vital to ensure that the project integrates into a space and responds to all opportunities and constraints.

A follow up meeting with the community is encouraged upon the completion of the design stage, allowing further involvement by presenting this back for community comment. It offers a second stage for further development of the space, ensuring those interested have an understanding and can give approval for the following stages. The outcome will be the final concept design and will be included as an update to the projects design report.