Contract Administration

We welcome the opportunity to work with contractors and clients to ensure a clear and collaborative understanding of all project aspects.

We utilise this stage to assist the client in reviewing and approving stages of the construction. This ensures that the project is being built as per expectations and matches the documentation. Outcomes in this stage can range from RFI’s, alternative construction methods where necessary through to documented site visits.

It is acknowledged that aspects can change once construction commences. In these circumstances we encourage the contractors insight and where applicable alternative opportunities for approval. It is through this process that the expertise of all team members can be sought for the best project outcome.

As with other aspects of our services we utilise previous experiences, our qualifications and a thorough knowledge of skateboarding to help deliver quality outcomes. . Our design experience ensures concept plans are followed, our technical background allows documentation that can be built from and our on-site construction experience offers an understanding of build methods and options.

We encourage contract administration services as an opportunity for continual and seamless participation throughout the whole project, offering the client and community the assurance their project will be delivered as envisioned.