Contract Documentation

Our experience in contract documentation ensures each facility can be delivered as envisioned by the community and client.

Combining design and construction experience, technical documentation includes all the relevant information in a clear and concise way to make it easier for contractors to deliver on the design. Layout of the plans are designed to be split accordingly between the various trades, ensuring each only has the relevant information. The plans are produced in collaboration with project specific Technical Specifications and a Schedule of Rates, delivered as a complete Contract Documentation package. These documents are updated from the ‘For Tender’ through to ‘For Construction’ sets and can be further updated to ‘As Built’. Agreed milestones are put in place to provide the documents to the client for their review prior to proceeding.

Throughout these stages we work closely with independent Structural Engineers who review and in turn certify the plans in acknowledgment of the project specific engineering details and a geotechnical report. Where applicable our scope can extend to Civil and Lighting Engineering solutions.