Facility Assessments

Skateparks get old; we have visited, used and assessed numerous facilities that can be offered a second chance.

Due to our extensive experience we know what makes a safe and functioning skatepark as well as how supporting landscape infrastructure can improve a recreation space. This knowledge is gained from both design/construction experience and qualifications along with an understanding of best practice principles. Collectively it enables our team to professionally review skate facilities and in turn deliver a full assessment report.

Facility assessment reports stem from site visits that include physically using the facilities, this enables a thorough technical and practical review. Tools include a variety of measurement tools, levels, skateboard and a camera. For the concrete surface we review the cracks and finish, the condition and even where applicable the strength of the concrete. The steel of the park is checked to ensure it still performs as intended, its condition, fixings and its lifespan. Function is reviewed where the overall park and each individual element are checked to assess that it functions as best it can. In addition due to our landscape experience we review the hard and soft infrastructure of the park, taking a broad approach of the entire adjoining area to the elements supporting the skatepark.

Collectively the reports offer a documented review of the safety and function of each facility, providing a rating (in life spans from 20 years to immediate action), propose a response and associated costs. In summary we include short, medium and long term options for the facility. Collectively our report is represented in a pdf document, with images associated to each documented point.

From this report we can then offer assistance during the next stages for the facility improvements, whether that’s managing the repairs or providing a concept for the upgrade and/or renewal of the facility.