Chinchilla Skatepark

Client: Western Downs Regional Council
Status: Open
Budget: $300,000
Size: 600m2
Team: Design collab - Baseplate / Construction - Concrete Skateparks / Engineers - Hilton Reid Consulting


A great example of an all encasing skatepark delivered for a limited budget. This park was delivered to replace the aging existing skatepark having served the community for over 20 years. An initial site inspection offered insight into the parks condition, with its structural cracks limiting function whilst increasing safety concerns. A proper site analysis was undertaken documenting the existing conditions and opportunities i.e. vegetation, access, sight lines, services and integration with the existing infrastructure. We met with passionate locals who have campaigned for the redevelopment to find out what they wanted in their space. These ideas greatly shaped the end function of the park.

The park caters for a range of users and their skill levels, a must for a regional town with limited access to neighbouring facilities. This has been achieved by including both street and transition style elements all with a range of heights/angles to encourage beginner participation and challenges for the more advanced. The layout of the park encourages flow throughout the entire space, allowing interaction with all elements whilst individual spaces i.e. mini ramp offer more intimate areas for singular use.

The facility was delivered in a short time frame to ensure its opening for the xmas holidays. A suitable present for the dedicated locals.