Gowanbrae Skatepark

Client: Moreland City Council
Status: Open
Budget: $150,000
Size: 350m2
Team: Construction – Grind Projects / Engineers - RMG


A small skate space, driven through community petitions led by a local skater. The scale was set by a smaller budget with consideration of other existing larger skateparks within the local government area.

Integrating itself with several active spaces including tennis, cricket and soccer the skatepark nestles between each. New paths offer connections between these facilities. The low level nature of the park aligns with CPTED principles of clear sight lines throughout the entire reserve.

The skatepark is more of a street space with the majority of elements an array of repeating shapes, all with skate function and laid out in different configurations whether it be position, height and/or angles. The differences offer opportunities for a range of skill levels and differing functions. The ends of the park features transitions and bank to ensure back forth flow through the park.

The budget stretched to include refuge areas with seating, allowing views of the skatepark and beyond to the other active areas.