Annapurna Skatepark (Nepal)

Client: Pokhara Sports Committee
Status: Open
Budget: $30,000 AUD
Size: 550m2
Team: Make Life Skate Life NGO


Following on the success of Nepal’s first skatepark, they wanted a second. With an established scene in the country’s second largest city, Pokhara the local government and skaters were keen for a park. Fortunately added to this was its idyllic lake side location with a backdrop of the Annapurna mountain range. Again working with Make Life Skate Life NGO a contingent of like-minded and passionate volunteers helped make this park happen from crowd funding through to the delivery of the project.

As with many of these overseas projects the facility ensures that it caters for people who have literally never stepped foot on a board through to the inevitable quick progression of the users. On numerous occasions on these projects you are fortunate to witness locals very swiftly develop their skills on the more advanced elements in the park.

The construction of the park was done over 18 days, assisted by long hours and support from keen locals. Despite the ‘DIY’ approach it’s a defining example of a professional finish of a park delivered in challenging conditions. Whether it’s a concrete truck turning up several hours too late or the requirement to build shelters to protect the drying concrete from monsoon type rain. It takes on the approach of if it’s not good enough for a park in a western country than it won’t be suitable here!