Dili Skatepark (Timor Leste)

Client: Ba Futuru (youth organisation)
Status: Construction funding
Budget: $50,000 AUD
Size: 600m2
Team: Timor Skate NGO


In 2007, a local NGO ‘Ba Futuru’ who works with and empowers local youth created a small DIY skatepark in Timor Leste’s capital of Dili. Since then the skateboarding community has grown to around 50 skaters aged 4 – 40. Today the skatepark which sits next to the NGO’s building and adjoining other active spaces is still in heavy use but in dire need of repair and upgrades. With un-skateable obstacles and dangerous cracks causing concerns of safety, our goal is to bring a brand new, safe and inspiring skatepark to the youth of Timor-Leste.

To assist this goal a new NGO ‘Timor Skate’ has been established and registered, enabling the management of the project during the funding and construction stages along with offering assistance with activation post opening. This will all be in collaboration with Ba Futuru (local youth organisation) and the local community.

To date we have held two consultations with locals. The first of these was a facility assessment and workshop with questionnaires and precedent images to document what the locals would like in their park. The second involved presenting a design back, ensuring it encapsulates all of their ideas and requirements. With the locals approval the project is now in the funding stage, aiming to find a suitable partner/s.

Once funding is secured we have a team of volunteer professional skatepark builders who are keen to work with the locals in developing this project. We know from experience that upon completion the existing 50 local skaters will swiftly increase, along with the further passive involvement of the local community.