Taghazout Skatepark (Morocco)

Client: Taghazout Skate
Status: Open
Budget: $45,000 AUD
Size: 600m2
Team: Make Life Skate Life NGO


Another project delivered by Make Life Skate Life and a collection of international volunteers. Funding was assisted by Levis Skateboarding.

Taghazout is located in the west of Morocco, idyllically adjoining the Atlantic Ocean. The town is a mecca for local and international surfers due to a renowned surf break. Acknowledging this activity the park allows one to ‘carve’ through the entire space, bouncing between the elements. Due to the close and experienced connection with surfing it certainly didn’t take locals long to utilise the entire park and quickly increase their confidence and skills. Since the park has been completed it has been managed by the locally established Taghazout Skate NGO, working with locals on activating their park.

The construction of the park was delivered by a crew of international volunteers in collaboration with a bevy of locals, all keen to assist in the delivery of their new park. This involvement, ensured ownership of the space was established early. The park was officially opened by the mayor where along with the numerous skate events local dancers helped activate the space.