Tripoli Skatepark (Libya)

Client: Municipality of Tripoli
Status: Open
Budget: $50,000 (US)
Size: 800m2
Team: Make Life Skate Life


Do you want to design and build a skatepark in Libya… With a team of other volunteers and local support we toiled day and night to deliver the countries first skatepark. A very rewarding experience of living in place on edge but still functioning city coupled with its good and bad logistics. A topical place which for most part is not in a positive light. For us it was a time of understanding, developing new friendships and leaving behind an active space for the existing skateboarders and soon to be many more.

The international level Tripoli Skatepark is a space for all whether its the young female who is just starting, established skateboarders, socialising youth to spectating parents. Whilst importantly responding to its activated and central location with minimal impact/sight lines and a linear design to integrate with existing active facilities.

It’s a space that caters for beginners with lower level elements to those that will inevitably quickly progress with more advanced/higher elements. The skatepark features all the elements to keep ongoing participation whilst ensuring it adheres to ‘less is more’ to offer a large open space. Through the inclusion of traditional elements it can be used for casual sessions between friends, ongoing workshops to training for Olympic hopefuls. It’s a fun space that is broken up into separate areas i.e. street areas and transition elements so users can either focus in single areas or flow through the entire park.

With the active area of the skatepark now finished separate passive areas in key locations have been designed to ensure the space encourages and caters for the entire local community. This includes seating with the allowance for paths, shelters, planting etc… Offering further integration into this community hub. Collectively it will ensure the skatepark is a draw card for all. A project delivered by volunteers and passionate locals and hopefully not the last for the country.