Vientiane Skatepark (Lao)

Client: Vientiane skate community
Status: Open
Budget: Approximately $50,000 US
Size: 350m2
Team: Make Life Skate Life


This project commenced through a fundraising effort by Australian Tom Drury, who completed a 4000km skateboarding trip to raise the necessary funds. Tom was soon in contact with the NGO Make Life Skate Life who we work with around the world to deliver skateparks in developing countries.

The local established skateboarding scene was blossoming but without a skatepark. This issue was soon to be solved. With the funds raised we completed a pro bono design and with a team of international volunteers we made our way to Lao to deliver this much anticipated park. The local support extended to be gifted a space within an vibrant community adjoining established sports fields. A really central and safe location with existing activation.

The international level build was completed in under 3 weeks, pretty quick! The finished space compliments the existing users really well ensuring there are sufficient elements for the those just learning out (its already got daily classes with loaner boards) and more advanced elements and opportunities for those progressing of which its happening quickly. The layout of the elements have been design so users can flow throughout the entire space but also importantly broken up so back and forth sessions with ample open space can take place in the workshops.

We finished off the park with painting to its edge and the unique ‘wat’ sculptured element along with the prominent seat which as been perfectly placed underneath the existing and shading vegetation.