Epsom Skatepark

Client: City of Greater Bendigo
Status: Contract Documentation
Budget: TBC
Size: 700m2
Team: Design collab - Baseplate / Engineers - RMG


The Epsom Skatepark has been designed to activate the existing Village Green, ensuring its existing function is maintained and further enhanced. To ensure the overall space caters for a wider demographic of the community a future playground of nature based activities has been designed that will further integrate into the existing space and skatepark. The spaces will feature shared refuge areas ensuring through an elevated position of viewing over all the entire facility and beyond.

The overall design has been shaped by the insightful feedback collated from several community consultations, involving local school groups and the Bendigo Old School Skateboarders association. A lot of the input centred on a space that was different from other local skateparks, a park that focused on smaller, lower level elements and that featured more street style elements. The design is a space that is open with a lot of area to hit the nominated elements. The inclusion and layout of banked/transition walls ensure that users can flow through the space from each end whilst hitting up the central urban style elements i.e. ledges, rails, banked walls etc… Many of these elements offer a D.I.Y feel to further ensure the required point of difference from nearby parks but also other ones in Australia, offering the parks its own unique identity. The design has included elements of different heights/angle to allow for a variety of skill levels and includes the maximum amount of elements whilst keeping it uncluttered.