Jayyous Skatepark (Palestine)

Client: Jayyous community
Status: Open
Budget: $58,000 AUD
Size: 700m2
Team: SkatePal NGO


A volunteer project working alongside the NGO SkatePal and local non-profit SkateQilya. Eastbywest in collaboration delivered the concept design along with the contract documentation. Concept renders were used to help raise funding through social media campaigns and grants for the project. Upon design completion we continued to work pro-bono on-site, helping lead the construction of the facility alongside other international volunteers and the local community.

The project is located in the village of Jayyous with a population of 5000 people in the north western part of the West Bank, in the district of Qalqilya. This small community now features not only an active space but a safe space to cater for the entire community. Located in a central elevated site, the facility adjoins the local school and the Council buildings, ensuring daily activation, continual passive surveillance and the cheers of the classroom kids throughout the build.

The active area features a range of skate elements, providing numerous points of difference for varied user types and differing challenges for beginners to the advanced. For the passive the facility features seating and shade along with planting to soften up the overall space.

From spring 2018 onwards, SkatePal will be providing international volunteers to teach skateboarding in co-operation with SkateQilya, who will be managing the day-to-day running of the skatepark. 2020 will offer the chance to head back to the West Bank for yet another build.