Brompton pump track

Client: GbLA Landscape Architects
Status: Open
Budget: $150,000
Size: 260m2
Team: Grind Projects (construction)


The Brompton pump track is Victoria’s biggest and forms just one active element of this community space located in a new suburban development.

The track has been design for predominently beginner use through lower level pumps, rollers and berms. To ensure progression and points of difference each of the 4 separate runs offer differing height levels. This allows users to practice on the lower levels runs before taking their tricks to the one of the more advanced (still low level) runs. The layout of the pump track allows users to mix up their runs rather then a singular direction prescibed track. This is done through the inclusion of berms that can be carved around or simply ridden over the top of. With all elements connected to one another the track ensures users can maintain their space along the entire length, generating more speed as their skills increase.

The park offers two separate entry points, with each connected to the wider infrastruction of the park. Each of these entry points offers seating and moguls that bleed into this space to ensure a seamless entry with no vertical walls.

This project was delivered as a D&C in collaboration with Grind Projects.