Inukjuak Skatepark (Canada)

Client: Inukjuak Community
Status: Open
Budget: N/A
Size: 300m2
Team: Make Life Skate Life


Inukjuak is a Inuit community located in Nunavik, Northern Canada. Due to its isolated location it has limited active spaces for the local youth. This location also made getting materials that bit harder with most arriving by barge. We were fortunate to work on the design and construction of the project with Make Life Skate Life and in collaboration with the local community/support agencies and CRT.

The Inukjuak Skatepark (approx 300m2) is a space for all whether its the young female who is just starting, swiftly progressive skateboarders to workshops. Importantly the design responds to the communities isolated location by incorporating a diverse range of skate elements. Its central location within the community encourages access by all and now the elders have the knowledge of where their kids will be.

These elements from street to transition are of varying heights, angles etc… to ensure they not only cater for beginners but also allow the inevitable progression and to offer ongoing interest. Whether its the 0.15m high slappy kerb/manual pad to the more advanced 1.65m quarter pipe extension. The arrangement of the elements ensure users can either flow throughout the entire space and/or offering sufficient speed to allow back and forth i.e. in the street section to hit the ledges. The layout allows multiple users to utilise the space at one time. An addition includes the unique and community supported ‘igloo’ element to offer character and identity. Importantly there is sufficient open and flat space between all elements to ensure beginner workshops can be safely undertaken (Update: These are already underway).

The skatepark can easily accommodate the future and necessary inclusion of landscape infrastructure i.e. shelter, seating, paths, planting etc… To ensure that the space encourages all members of the community, both active and passive.