Eastbywest has made a commitment to give back… Through experience we have clearly seen the physical and social benefits of skateparks for young/old, girl/boy in both active and passive activation. Acknowledging these positive outcomes we as a company have committed to donate a portion of our profits, time and expertise to offer these benefits by delivering facilities in developing countries.

This direction has allowed collaborative work and travel with NGO’s and local communities in various continents including Africa, the Middle East through to Asia. Our services on these projects include fundraising, consultation, design, costing, documentation, construction through to project management. We have experienced the large percentage of female participation in the Jayyous skatepark (Palestine), built Nepal’s first skatepark to managing a beginner’s area in Sulaymaniyah (Iraq) for the locals and Syrian refugees.

Having experienced these successful projects we will continue with our company’s pro bono commitment to delivering more spaces throughout the world, offering spaces to those that don’t have the expertise, resources and/or access of traditional funding. Our goal is to empower the local community by transferring the skills to encourage locals to design and build their own future spaces.

Images by sevenbythree.com